Skills Acquisition Program – SAP


What is the Skill Acquisition Program?

The SAP is a nation wide program that has been designed by the FFA to recruit, develop and support the most talented boys and girls within the age groups of 9 years to 11 years. This is achieved by forming a “best of the best” training group and affording them the opportunity to develop the key components within the Skill Acquisition Phase by the best coaches, working in the best environment, underpinned by the best holistic support.

What is the Skill Acquisition Phase?sap-image

The skills Acquisition phase is one of the 4 building blocks with in the FFA’s football curriculum.|
Your child will enter this phase at age 9 and will leave at age 13. At this stage young people are presented with a huge window of opportunity. ‘The Golden age of motor Development’

By taking the 4 core skills identified by the FFA and overloading them through training, players can fine tune these cognitive techniques and develop them to the autonomous stage of learning where execution becomes effortless and natural, in opposed situations.

The FFA’s 4 Core Skills

  1. Striking the ball – This includes all forms of striking the ball such as short/long passing; shooting & crossing
  1. First touch – Controlling the ball with all allowed body parts
  1. 1 v 1 – All moves, feints and accelerations to get past and away from an opponent
  1. Running with the ball At speed (with a lot of space) or ‘dribbling’ (in tight areas), this includes techniques for protecting the ball and changing direction.

How long does the program run for?
The Program will run from February through to September and is split into 6 week cycles. The programs will be closed during school holidays.

Can my child still play for his grassroots / Academy club?
We encourage the players to continue with their clubs and to enjoy playing games with their friends when possible.

How does my child get selected for this program?
Along with our open trial dates that are provide above we have our skill Satellite / development centers. We also aim to identify and recruit young people through consistently having Talent ID days after each term within a carnival format.

What is a Skill Satellite / Development Centre?
The skill satellite centre plays a crucial part in our regions player pathway system. More information will be provided at a later date.

OK! So what equipment does my child need?
All children must come to training in full football kit, shorts, socks and shirt including shin pads and football boots. Players should also bring a drink and waterproof clothing.

What happens if we cannot attend, or my child is not enjoying the training?
If you cannot attend the program for any reason or have a problem with the program, please contact me or your program manager directly on the contacts below.

How do I find out about training cancellations?
If sessions are to be cancelled, a decision will be made by Saturday morning. Parents will need to check the Western Pride FC Facebook page.

For further information on the program contact
Gabor Ganczer 0457 296 303| email at