Bon's socceroos trial

Western Pride’s goalkeeper has had an outstanding breakthrough season for the Ipswich club, and has been rewarded with an invitation to the U20 Socceroos camp down at the Melbourne City facilities. Bon was kind enough to share with us what it’s like during the day of a Socceroo at a training camp;

In order to get everything done before our 8am breakfast I was awake and ready by 7:15, before breakfast we had to weigh in, test the colour of our urine to check our hydration levels, we also had to input information into an iPhone app which tracks our overall health, soreness levels, sleep patterns and how well we had recovered from the previous day. After breakfast we had an hour or so to prepare before we left to play Melbourne city, we arrived at their training ground (their facilities are absolute quality) 2 hours prior to kick off. We had a pre match snack and we where given time to relax, check the pitch and get prepared. An hour before kick off we had our pre match talk which lasted about 10 mins then we commenced our pre warm up. Like at pride, before every training session and game we did a prehab session which activates our muscles and and reduce the risk of getting injured. The warm up was short and sharp and we headed straight into the game. We started slow and conceded a few goals early but throughout the game we managed to find our rhythm and ended up finishing the game strongly. After the match we had a quick summary from the boss and then went straight into our recovery (stretching session and a 6 minute ice bath). From here we headed back to the hotel and had lunch, we then had 3-4 hours of spare time that most of the lads used to go explore the city of Melbourne and check out some of its shopping centres. At 6 o’clock we where back at the hotel and ready for our team meeting at 6:30. the meeting was an overall summary of the game and was extremely beneficial for everyone involved. There was video analysis and lots of discussion on what performed well and what we could have done better. Everyone left the meeting with a greater understanding of our performance that day and our overall philosophy. From here we headed straight to dinner which was served at the hotel and by the time we had finished everyone was ready just about for bed. Before bedtime however we had to weigh in and check our urine, as well as report to the physio’s who checked out how we had pulled up from the day’s work. By 9:30pm I was fast asleep and buzzing to see what tomorrow has in store for me.”